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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

Have you ever thought about working with young children?

With a career in the early years you get to nurture, inspire, educate and care for babies and young children. This can be incredibly rewarding.

The sector is full of opportunities, working full time, term time, part time or even from your own home as a childminder!

What about qualifications?

You can work in the early years up to degree level and beyond. The most common qualification is a level 2 or level 3 in childcare.

You could study

  • on a classroom based course at college
  • on a T-level course which provides placements in different early years settings
  • as an apprentice, working and gaining a wage whilst you train

Your local school, college, training provider or Apprenticeships Suffolk can help you find the best route.

What is it like?

The joy and wonder on a child’s face from an activity you have provided to support their development is truly rewarding and magical, but working in the early years can also be hard work too.

We have 428 preschools, day nurseries, school nursery classes and out of school clubs in Suffolk and 244 childminders. Why not contact your local early years setting to see if you could do your work experience there? It is advised to gain some experience before applying for a college course.

I’m interested! What next?

Most jobs in the early years involve supporting learning and development through playful experiences, spending lots of time outdoors as well as inside as early learning occurs everywhere.

If you like to play, be imaginative, creative, and have varied opportunities, working Find out more!  

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