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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

I'm a young carer

“Under 18? Caring for an adult or a child?”

If the answer is yes, you may be a ‘young carer’.

You might be providing care for different reasons, like physical illness, disability, mental health, learning difficulties, or misuse of drugs or alcohol.


Watch the video above called ‘Out of the woods’ – The video is a short animation about the lives of young carers.

Sometimes it’s hard

Most people want to help a parent, brother, sister or other family member when they can’t do things for themselves.

This could be helping them with shopping, cooking, checking medicine, washing or dressing them.

Sometimes looking after a family member can be hard.

It can take up a lot of your time, and stop you from seeing your friends and doing the things you want to do.

You may not have the time to spend on social media chatting with your friends.

It might make you tired at school or college. 

Writing things down can help make sense of how you feel.

As a young carer you can feel lonely caring for a parent or relative.

Research shows that this can make young carers be a victim of cyberbullying.

Where to go for help and support as a young carer

  • Take a look at the NHS guide for information on your options as a young carer. 
  • Find emotional support in our Emotional Wellbeing Directory.
  • Contact Suffolk Family Carers – more information below.
Get help and support from Suffolk Family Carers.

Suffolk Family Carers offer all young carers information and support to help make their lives better.

They run groups in Ipswich, Bury and Lowestoft where you can meet with other young carers.

To find out more call their Suffolk Young Carers helpline on 01473 835430.

The video below called ‘Westley Middle School young carers’, was created with Suffolk Family Carers.

It helps raise awareness of supporting young carers in school.

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Page updated on May 18th, 2023 at 12:19pm