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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

Tattoos and Piercings

Think before you ink!

Tattoos can be meaningful and a way to express yourself.

However, a tattoo is a permanent addition to your body so you should think carefully about getting one.

Having a tattoo removed at a later date by laser treatment is very costly and can leave scars.

Remember: It’s illegal for a person to be given a tattoo if they are under 18.

For further advice go to The Mix website
Tips and advice if you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, titled ‘Tattoo Advice Part 1: First Tattoo’.

Getting a piercing

Piercings are less permanent than tattoos but can still leave scars and carry a risk of infection.

If you are going to have a piercing, make sure you use a professional body piercer.

Things to look out for:

  • Sterile, surgical, single-use, disposable piercing needles must be used for body piercings.
  • The artist must clean the area to be pierced with a skin antiseptic such as alcohol.
  • They will also provide you with written aftercare instructions.
  • If the pierced area becomes red, swollen or tender or if pus develops, you should see your doctor immediately.


All piercings require ongoing care until fully healed – this can take up to six months. Follow the advice given by your piercer.

“I’m worried something doesn’t look right!”

  • Talk to the tattoo artist if you have concerns about tattoo aftercare steps.
  • Get advice from your local pharmacist or GP if something doesn’t look or feel right during the healing process.
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Page updated on February 16th, 2024 at 02:48pm