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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk


On this page you will find information on

  1. Healthy relationship vs unhealthy relationship
  2. Abusive relationship
  3. Sexual harassment and sexual abuse and consent
  4. I don’t feel safe what can I do?
  5. Hot topics – answers to your relationship questions – sex, breakups, sexuality, forced marriage
  6. Where to get support?
Check out these Easy Read booklets from ACE Anglia on sex and relationships.

Do you know what a healthy relationship looks like?

Being in a relationship with someone can feel like the most wonderful thing in the world!

To be with someone you like so much, love or feel intimately connected to.
To be able to share happy times as a couple.
But we often accept wrong behaviour from a partner or don’t even recognise it.
We often ignore the warning signs, and those gut-feelings that something is wrong because we really want to be with that person.

“Sometimes you want to be with someone so much that you put up with behaviour that isn’t safe.”

When you’re in a relationship with someone it is important to know the signs of a good and bad relationship.

Signs of a healthy relationship...
- You can be yourself around each other.
- You raise each other up.
- You support each other through the bad times not just the good.
- Are kind to each other.
- You trust and respect each other. 
- You are open and honest with each other.
- You listen to each other and can talk about each others feelings. 
- If something isn't right you both try and find a compromise.
Signs of a unhealthy relationship...
- Controlling or possessive behaviour.
- Your partner puts you down and makes you feel lacking or unworthy.
- They act hot and cold. 
- They don't like you seeing friends and family (you feel isolated).
- They are verbally abusive or threaten to do something if the relationship ends.
- You don't trust each other.
- Forcing you to have sex.
- Physical or sexual violence.

What is an abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship can happen to anyone and sometimes it can be difficult to spot when you’re in one!

If you don’t like the way you are being treated find support.

Is you relationship safe and happy? – Advice from LoveRespect.

Do the How healthy is your relationship? Quiz

“What is sexual harassment and sexual abuse?”

Sexual harassment or sexual abuse can happen to anyone, online and offline. It can be really upsetting, you might feel ashamed or guilty, but it is not your fault and there are people who can help support you.

It’s important that you speak to someone.

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual behaviour and can include:

  • Sexual advances, touching, comments, jokes or propositions
  • Objectification of you by talking about your body
  • Talking to you about sex and porn
  • Showing you sexually explicit pictures or videos

Sexual abuse is when someone is forced, pressurised or tricked into doing any kind of sexual activity with another person and can include:

  • being forced to have sex (intercourse), do or watch something sexual or look at sexual videos
  • being flashed online or offline
  • being touched in a way you don’t like and that you didn’t give permission for
  • rape

Sexual harassment or sexual abuse can be done by a classmate or friend, an adult, a person you know and trust or a stranger.

Watch the video below about consent.

Tea and consent video
“I don’t feel safe – what can I do?
  • At school – you should speak to a teacher or member of staff that you trust and the school should take action to keep you safe.
  • Online – you should report this behaviour to the platform, block them, then report it to CEOP.
  • If it is happening anywhere else you should be sure to tell a trusted adult. It’s not your fault and you have a right to be treated respectfully.
  • Speak to Childline.
  • If you are worried about sexual harassment or sexual violence online, nude pics and other online issues visit our life online FAQ’s.
Hot topics – find answers to your relationship questions

If you are going out with someone you need to be able to be open with each other about your relationship expectations, having sex, and what’s important to both of you.

The below resources provide advice on relationship matters:

“I love them but I’m scared of them too, is this abuse?”

Where can I get support?
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Page updated on April 16th, 2024 at 06:14pm