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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

Young Person's Panel (Recruitment and Selection)

“Who are we?”

We are children and young people between 5-19 years of age (and up to 25 years old for a young person with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) who have experience of Suffolk County Council and or partner organisation services (like social worker, school nurses).

“What do we get up to?”

We sit on the panel at interviews. A young persons panel forms an important part of the interview process for roles such as social workers and school nurses.

By sitting on a young person’s panel you will:

  • Share power with Suffolk County Council professionals.
  • Influence decisions that affect lives and those of other young people.
  • Sit on an interview panel as an expert.
  • Have a say on who gets to work in Children and Young People’s Services.
Why is it important? 

It's really important that young people get to interview staff because candidates need to be able to respond and communicate with young people.

“The panel adds such an important aspect to the interviewing process, with their scores forming part of the wider scores for each candidate.

They were such awesome young people; it was a privilege to work with them…they brought a powerful insight and perspective to the process alongside a professional and knowledgeable approach”

Suffolk County Council Manager

“What do I get?”

  • Gain a Suffolk County Council certificate in “My Participation in Recruitment and Selection”.
  • Receive shopping vouchers (£15 for half a day and £30 for whole day) when taking part in a young person’s panel.
  • Free travel, drinks and food.
  • Feel valued, empowered and build your confidence!
“How do I get involved?”
Are you are aged between 5-19 years old (and up to 25 with SEND)? 

Do you have experience of Suffolk County Council and partner organisation services? 

What are you waiting for?!

Email to sign up!
Recruitment and Selection young person’s panel flyer.
Roles we have helped to appoint:
  • Social workers
  • Trainee social workers
  • School nurses
  • Head of inclusion
  • Head of corporate parenting
  • and many more!
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Page updated on October 17th, 2022 at 10:19am