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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

What support is there for my physical and mental wellbeing?

Your general health is very important so that you can feel happy and be healthy.

On this page we cover the following:

  1. Health check
  2. Emotional wellbeing/ mental health
  3. Support
  4. Drop in with Mark

You may find the information on the following sections useful: ‘Your Mind’ and ‘Your Body’. Both sections explore common problems and offer advice and support on a range of topics from acne and anxiety to tattoos and sleep.

“What is a health check?”

You are entitled to a health check every year until you are 18. This health assessment will be done, as far as possible, at a time and place that suits you and will be completed with you by a specialist child in care nurse.

If you have any worries about your health or wellbeing, this is a good opportunity to talk to the nurse in confidence.

You can read more about this on the ‘in care or going into care page’.

In your final health check, before your 18th birthday, you are entitled to an enhanced health assessment which will include:

  1. Information and advice on how to access health services that will be useful to you in the future.
  2. A health summary which will have a record of your basic health details including details and summary of services to support your transition into adult services. This can be used and filed inside your health passport.
    Should you lose your Health Passport or health summary you can ask you GP to assist you with this or request a Health Summary from your social worker.  

My emotional wellbeing and mental health

We know that young people who are in care or leaving care can have more mental health difficulties than other young people of their age. You have been through A LOT!   

Please talk to your personal advisor, social worker or someone else in the team you feel comfortable talking to.

They have lots of training and experience to help you through the tough times, they also know lots of services who can help. 

"A problem shared is a problem halved"

It's good to speak to someone.   

Where can I go for support?

There are different levels of mental health and emotional wellbeing support available. If you’re not sure who to go to you could visit the Care Leavers drop-in, speak to your PA or social worker or self refer to one of the following.

Here are some of the services available to support you:

  • CAMHS – If you are worried about your feelings and emotions and would like someone to talk to, you can request a referral to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service to help you make sense of how you are feeling. CAMHS offers support to Care Leavers up to the age of 19 with a clear pathway into Community Health Teams post-18 via Youth Pathway.
  • CONNECT – This service is specifically designed for working with children and young people in care where there are concerns about mental health. If you or your workers feel that you might need specialist support, a referral will be made on your behalf.
  • Suffolk Wellbeing Service is available to anyone 16+ in Suffolk and you can make a self-referral online or by phone if you would like help with feelings of anxiety, stress or low mood, they also offer self help information and workshops.
  • 4YP – Offers counselling to young people. You can self-refer or speak to your social worker or PA.
  • Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous services offering articles, discussion boards, a chat service to talk about what’s on your mind and a daily journal.
  • Counselling through the Leaving Care Service – We have a counsellor available in the Leaving Care Service that you can be referred to by your social worker. You can see them at the Infobar by appointment*. If you would like to be referred, please talk to your social worker or PA
  • Care Leavers Drop-InIpswich: For low mood, stress and anxieties (read more below) 11am to 2pm at Infobar – 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month Bury St Edmunds: 11am to 2pm at West Suffolk House; Youth Area – 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month (details below).
You may also find our 'Ease My Mind' service Directory useful - it lists local and national emotional wellbeing support services.
Care Leavers Drop-In – Meet Mark Balaam, Nurse

Hello, my name is Mark, I’m the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Lead for Care leavers.

I offer a listening ear and can provide advice, support, and guidance to Care Leavers who may be feeling low or experiencing stress or anxiety. 

As a Care Leaver you are welcome to attend a Drop In to talk about your emotional health worries and think about the next steps you would like to take. 

Care Leaver Drop-In details:

If you're feeling low or struggling with anxiety or stress and need someone who will listen and talk to please come along to a Care Leavers Drop In.

Or, alternatively you can ask your Social Worker or Personal Adviser to make a referral.  

Care Leavers’ Drop In; 

Ipswich: 11am to 2pm at Infobar - 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month 

Bury St Edmunds: 11am to 2pm at West Suffolk House; Youth Area – 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month. 
Introduction to Mark Balam, nurse
"Your emotional wellbeing is every bit as important as your physical health".

This image explains that the lifestyle choices we make influences our physical and emotional health.

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Page updated on March 9th, 2023 at 09:52am