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Information, Advice and sources of support for young people in Suffolk

Safe and Supported (2022)

Young people in the SEND Young Person’s Network told us they didn’t always feel welcome or safe in their community.

‘Welcoming Places’ Map

We asked young people to nominate places they go which make them feel safe, supported and welcome.

We have added all the places that young people rate as safe and supportive to our ‘Welcoming Places’ map (along with Activities Unlimited venues) below.

Find out more about Activities Unlimited at

These places have not been vetted by Suffolk County Council staff and are the personal opinion of young people we have made contact with through our SEND Young Person’s Network groups at colleges and schools in Suffolk. This information was gathered over the past year (22/23)

Watch the video below which tells you more about the project and what young people say about the places they like to visit.

How to help me feel safe, supported and welcomed

We asked them what would make them feel better and encourage them to visit somewhere. They came up with this list.

“Actions you can take to help me feel safe, supported and welcomed”

  • Staff say hello and smile
  • Make it clear who I speak to if there’s a problem or I have a question or worry
  • Show me around in person (or via an interactive vide)
  • Have a buddy or someone to show me/be able to give me time
  • Help me when there are large groups and crowds
  • Have a clear set of rules and expectations for your venue on display
  • Help me to listen properly to instructions

Would you like to nominate somewhere?

Are you a young person with additional needs living in Suffolk? Please let us know the places you go to in Suffolk where you feel safe and supported!

Click here to tell us about your chosen place: Can you tell us about a place you’ve visited in Suffolk?

When a nomination is sent in, the place is sent a logo sticker for their window to show other young people what to expect.

Or you can scan the QR Code on the poster with your phone to fill the form in.

QR code to nominate a safe and supported place.
Could you tell other young people to share their nominations?

Young people want to hear about places other young people recommend as this gives them more confidence to go and visit themselves!

Please display the poster in your community so other young people have their say too!

We say thank you to the places you tell us about, for being inclusive. We give them our special badge for their window* so other young people with additional needs know they’ve been recommended by other young people and that it’s a friendly supportive place to visit!

The Anyone is Welcome Logo was designed by Charlie from West Suffolk College and was the winning entry in our logo competition!

Photo of the winning logo
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Page updated on February 8th, 2023 at 03:44pm