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Week One!

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Week One!

Posted by on 19 April 2020

Day 1 Challenge - Listen to some mood-boosting music.  


(Giff animation of girl dancing)

Listening to some feel-good music is a great challenge to get you started with the '30 Day Whats Up Challenge'.

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Music is a powerful thing – it stimulates the body’s natural feel good chemicals (endorphins, oxytocin), helping to energise our mood, manage stress levels, express our feelings, increase our memory and reduce our pain levels – wow that’s awesome!

How to complete this challenge: We have put together a playlist of some of our favourite feel-good tunes that you can listen to from The Source Youtube channel: Whats Up playlist ;) 

There's a theory that listening to...

  • Blues and Reggae - makes you feel less nervous.
  • Rock and Punk - gives you an energy boost.
  • Classical music - calms you and increases your brain power.
  • Heavy Metal - helps with low self-esteem, but is not good if you're feeling stressed out.
  • Country music - is more likely to make you feel sad.
  • Music from musicals - helps you feel inspired.

Try listening to all different types of music to see which helps you when your feeling stressed, anxious or low.

This YouTube video titled 'Sister Hazel - Change Your Mind [lyrics]' is really good to watch for those moments when you are feeling down day and want to feel better about yourself: 

Day 2 Challenge – Write 3 things you plan to achieve or do? 

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Giving yourself aims and goals helps you stay focussed and motivated. Reminding yourself of what you have achieved or how far you have come to reach that goal, will make you feel more confident about yourself and what you’re capable of.

How to complete this challenge: They don't have to be big things but do try to make them achievable. This could include things like – I'd like to laugh more with my family or friends, start a hobby, make something, teach yourself to dance or learn to play an instrument! 

We have put together some questions that might help you think about goals you can do at home or the things you took fore granted and you can't wait to do when things go back to normal: 

  • What am I good at or like doing and want to do more of?
  • Where would I like to go?
  • What can I do now that would make me feel happier?

It could be something health related like help to stop smoking - go to

Day 3 Challenge - Plant something that you can watch grow or adopt a houseplant in need of some TLC. 

 (GIFF animation of a plant growing)

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

When we are feeling down nature reminds us that we live in a beautiful world. Research shows that nature heals and soothes us. When we see scenes of nature, it reduces our anxiety, fear, and stress levels and makes us feel better emotionally.

How to complete this challenge: Have a go at planting something and why not name your plant? I used to have a cheese plant called ‘Mr Cheese’ which I talked to! (Unfortunately, I had to say farewell to him as he grew too big, so now I have a Cactus called Spike!)

Don’t forget to keep watering your leafy friend, this site has some good Houseplant care tips.

If you would like to get a little more creative you could create a terrarium (a mini plant world in a glass jar or container), Or watch the below Youtube video titled 'How to make your own fairy garden'.

If you want to plant something, but don't have any seeds to hand then try growing fruit and veg using your kitchen food scraps - like planting seeds from apples and peppers. 

You don’t need a garden to plant seeds - they can be planted in things like plastic yogurt pots and left by the windowsill.

Here's some other useful websites you can explore:

Suffolk Wildlife Trust website 

Save the Student - grow your own food 

RSPB Daily Wildlife Challenge and things to do at home

Day 4 Challenge – Tell someone how you are feeling! Are you feeling down, worried, stressed or anxious? 

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

It is a good to be open about our feelings. Keeping things bottled up can be unhealthy if you don't talk to someone. How many times have you said you’re OK, when asked, but really you are not! Try talking to a friend or relative about how you are feeling – not everyone will understand what you are going through, but letting your feelings out will release tension, and help you not feel alone with your thoughts.

How to complete this challenge: At times like now it is important that we share our thoughts and feelings with trusted adults, friends and family. If you don't have anyone you feel you can talk to about what's on your mind speak to Kooth who offer a friendly online chat service to support 11 to 25 year olds in Suffolk. Also see our emotional wellbeing support page

Need to talk male 01 

(Kooth advert) 

Day 5 Challenge - Avoid social media for 24 hours

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Spending too much time on social media can stop you having a good night’s sleep, may make you feel anxious or affect your self-esteem. Also what we see on social media may not be true to real life.

How to complete this challenge: No way I hear you say! Yes, this is a tricky challenge so it might be good to do this one together with your friends to avoid FOMO.

Organise one day where you can see what it is like taking some time out away from chatting to your mates on social media!

If you are struggling to resist the temptation of social media - ask your parents, grandparents what they did for fun in the past before internet and social media was invented – imagine that!

You might be surprised by their answers!

Read this for What it was like in your grandparent’s time without internet!

Can’t put your phone down! Watch this video  

Day 6 Challenge - Get creative – doodle or do some colouring-in 

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

According to research, colouring-in and doodling - anything creative has a calming effect on our mind and body. It reduces our stress levels and nurtures a different part of our brain which allows us to explore ideas and express feelings.

How to complete this challenge: Not sure what to do? Try exploring these free online resources:

Try some Line doodling, watch these YouTube videos below titled 'Cool Sketch Doodle Technique - Drawing a Random Pattern', and '3D Sun Burst Pattern / Cool Line Illusion Drawing / Daily Art Therapy'.


Get arty online via the Childline website Art Toolbox

Day 7 Challenge - Check in on a friend and ask if they're okay!

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Checking on how you and your friends are doing, helps us to stay connected, share our worries and support each other during uncertain times.

 How to complete this challenge: Here’s some tips from Time to Change to help us support each other:

Time to change check in

  • Check-in on your friends - Pick a good time when neither of you are likely to be busy or distracted
  • Listen and reflect - What is worrying them or you. Be clear if you don't want to share what you have said with anyone else.
  • Ask questions - Offer or ask for advice and support.

This old Budweiser advert (way before smartphones and Zoom) is a great reminder that checking how a mate is doing doesn't need to be difficult - a simple ‘What's Up’ works…

Young Minds have a useful ‘Need to Talk’ section on their website to help you talk about a problem.

If you feel you don’t have anybody to talk to, you can get support from:


If you can't find anyone you trust to talk to, you can:

  • Join an online forum where people are experiencing similar situations to you, try visiting
  • Contact Childline (Call 0800 1111)
  • Contact the Samaritans (Call 116 123). 

Well done if you managed to complete all these challenges, but don't worry if you didn't do them all. 

 (Giff animation)

Now you have finished your first week of challenges, go to Week Two challenge page

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