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Self employment - an option for me?

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Find out how to turn an idea or your skills into a business

Some young people have an idea that they feel could become business, but may feel that it will be impossible to take that idea and make it a reality. That's where the Prince's Trust comes in. Did you know that they have a programme specially to help young people and young adults set up their own businesses? It's called the Enterprise Programme.

Jazmin Lee is the founder of Plus Equals. In 2019 she was the Natwest Enterprise Award winner at the National Prince's Trust Awards. Watch her talk about how with the support of the Enterprise Programmes she started a business using her creativity skills - and how it changed her life.

If you sign up to the Enterprise Programme you will get access to skills development, training and mentoring to grow your own business. There's also the chance that you could apply for a low-interest loan to access funding to get your business off the ground. The programme takes place at local Prince's Trust centres, but if going to the nearest centre doesn't work for you, you can sign up to the Prince's Trust Enterprise Online.

Further information and advice
NWES is a local not-for-profit enterprise organisation based in East Anglia, which supports individuals to become self-employed or entrepreneurs. Through the website Start&Grow you can access free online courses to help you start your business journey -

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