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Brighten up someone's day for World Mental Health Awareness Day

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Brighten up someone's day for World Mental Health Awareness Day

Posted by Fran Russo on 6 October 2020

To mark World Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday 10th October, we are supporting the Young Minds Campaign to have a #HelloYellow Day this Friday 9th October.

#HelloYellow is about showing that young people (and all of us) should not have to feel alone with our mental health, but support each other to look after our wellbeing and to seek help if we need it.

The Source Team are raising awareness of the #HelloYellow message with the young people they work with, with staff and managers throughout Suffolk County Council's Children's and Young People's Services.

We are inviting people to join in with sharing their funny yellow selfies with each other in support of young people's mental health. 


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Help support World Mental Health Awareness Day with us and the Young Minds Campaign by taking part in #HelloYellow Day this Friday 9th October, and brighten up someone's day.

Join in and support #HelloYellow

To help keep you, your friends and family upbeat during this grey, rainy, Covid time, do the five step #HelloYellow challenge:

  1. Say something kind to someone
  2. Smile at a friend
  3. Remind someone of a nice thing that they did for you
  4. Ask someone if they're Okay - if they need any help
  5. Make someone laugh - share your #HelloYellow selfies - show them something funny - share these #HelloYellow jokes  

 Use our #HelloYellow virtual Zoom or Microsoft Teams backdrop 

You can download lots of fun #HelloYello Campaign resources on the YoungMinds website

Looking for emotional wellbeing support?

If you have something on your mind and could do with some support, information or advice, browse through our emotional health and wellbeing section

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Image reads "However you're feeling, you are not alone. You can talk to Kooth about what's on your mind."


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